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Porcelain Tub Restorations

Porcelain Tub Restorations

Industry: Residential Services


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Porcelain Tub Restorations provides refinishing and restoration services for residential and commercial bathrooms throughout D.C., Baltimore, and Northern Virginia. As Operations Manager, Ramona Pereira manages all aspects of the business from scheduling to dispatching of new jobs to customer service and invoicing.

Before FieldLocate, the business used an on-premise software called Smart Service. On-premise software requires the customer to physical load the software onto each computer. For Smart Service to work properly, Quickbooks accounting software must also be downloaded to the computer.  “We had to purchase extra licenses for Quickbooks just to use Smart Service even if the user didn’t need Quickbooks,” recalled Ramona.

According to Ramona, prior to the switch to FieldLocate, dispatching jobs to technicians was an ‘old-fashioned’ process. The technicians had to physically come into the office to receive a paper work order with the job details.

Since all jobs are now listed on the technican’s phone through the FieldLocate mobile app, it’s no longer necessary for technicians to report to the office in the morning. “FieldLocate is not just saving time during appointments, but it’s also saving technicians between 30 minutes to one hour of drive time coming into the office in the morning.”

Ramona used to spend a majority of her time reminding technicians to turn in their paperwork.  “Paperwork would go missing all the time,” commented Ramona. “They could potentially lose it, leave it at the customer site or accidentally destroy it while in transit to the office.”

Now, technicians complete electronic work orders through FieldLocate. Once the work order is completed, it is automatically saved in FieldLocate where Ramona can instantly view job and invoice details back in the office.

“FieldLocate is a new way to communicate with the office and with the customer.” Instead of completing status calls, Ramona can see the technician’s status at a glance on the color-coded schedule board. “The interface is very clean and organized.”

Out in the field, techs have access to customer and job details through the mobile device, including GPS turn by turn directions to the customer’s site. “Job information is available in the palm of their hands,” commented Ramona.

Now that Porcelain Tub Restorations using FieldLocate to manage their all aspects of the business, they can focus on customer service instead of tracking lost invoices or receipts.

Ramona Pereira, Operations Manager
FieldLocate is a Valuable Tool for Davis Heating and Cooling

“The ability to accept payment on site, email invoices and access customer information through mobile…”

Tom Davis, Owner Davis Heating and Cooling

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