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Canada Furnace

Canada Furnace

Industry: HVAC

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Canada Furnace has been offering heating, ventilation and air conditioning services to the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, Canada since 1981. Their A+ rating in the BBB confirms their commitment to customer service and quality services.

Before implementing a field service management system, Canada Furnace managed business processes through carbon copied invoices, filing cabinets, and a handful of fragmented software systems, making it extremely difficult to keep track of invoices and finances. Operations Manager, Ryan Picton said, "None of our systems spoke to one another. We had no way to track money, jobs, or technicians." The owners began searching for a cloud-based field service management solution that would manage all business processes for the company.

Their search led them to FieldLocate, an intuitive field service management system that encompassed the tools to run a first-class service company. With FieldLocate, Canada Furnace can take mobile payments, build estimates and invoices in the field, and also locate and alert their technicians of changes or new appointments.

Picton uses the color-coded dispatch board to manage upcoming appointments. “The dispatch board gives a good idea of what is coming up as well as the unscheduled appointment list at the bottom which helps schedule jobs that do not have time slots assigned to them,” said Picton.

Technicians manage their time using the FieldLocate Mobile App which Ryan can see in real-time.  Ryan can move appointments and easily alert technicians of a new job or a change in a scheduled job from the mobile app. "Our technicians can complete one more job per day, which could easily be an $800 job," said Ryan.

Picton reports, “FieldLocate has completely overhauled how we run our business. We’re like a new company.” One of the biggest areas of improvement is how Canada Furnace manages finances.  Prior to deploying FieldLocate, technicians manually wrote out invoices on carbon copy paper.  Copies of the invoices were delivered to the office, filed, and never seen again.  “We had no way to track payments,” said Ryan. 

Now, technicians create invoices in FieldLocate using pre-filled templates which saves time filling in customer and job details.  Office staff can see if any money is outstanding and check in on non-closed jobs.  With integration to Quickbooks, accounting has never been simpler. “Invoicing is smooth in the office and in the field.”

In addition to smoother invoicing, technicians can take payments directly from their mobile device using attachable hardware, which is nothing new for Canada Furnace.  Prior to using FieldLocate Mobile Payment, Canada Furnace took mobile payments through hand-held devices but there was no relation between the mobile payment company, Quickbooks, and FieldLocate.  The accounting team had to manually match each transaction in three separate places. “It would be a month before we knew which payments had been accepted. Now, all systems talk to each other so we can reconcile on a day-to-day basis so we’re on top of everything.” 

Prior to using FieldLocate, owner Steve Gadsby gave their finance processes a 1 out of 10. Now the company is running at 10 out of 10. In addition to time saved with integrated payment processing, Canada Furnace is see huge cost savings. Ryan commented, "We save approximately $6,000 per year by switching from hand-held devices to FieldLocate on our phones with payment swipers."

One feature Canada Furnace couldn’t live without is the Mandatory Checklist feature which requires technicians to complete certain steps before proceeding during an appointment.  Canada Furnace utilizes this feature in three major ways.  When creating quotes, technicians are required to fill out details of the work order including the quoted equipment and notes for the installer.  If the job sells one week later, the quote can be pulled from FieldLocate instead of asking the person who generated the quote to recall details.  Customers appreciate the attention to detail and are happy to pay the original amount they were quoted.

After completing an installation, technicians must complete a safety checklist to make sure all safety precautions are completed on the install. The check list reminds techs to complete tasks which saves time and resources on a return visit.  Canada Furnace also uses the check list for upsell opportunities. While on site, the technician is reminded to check certain dates and equipment to offer the customer timely rebates and ultimately boost profits.

Customers and staff alike have reaped benefits of the FieldLocate field service management system.  Now that staff members have access to customer history and invoices at their fingertips, they’re no longer digging through file cabinets for customer requests.  “We save a ton of time because we don’t have to search through a filing cabinet for customer information while keeping a customer or tech on hold. We can pull up a customer’s entire history, including invoices, on FieldLocate which is much quicker.”  Customers experience higher levels of convenience by receiving automatic updates when the technicians in en route and the ability pay via credit card instantly instead of waiting on an invoice.

By using FieldLocate field service management software, Canada Furnace has transformed their business processes to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction across the board. “FieldLocate makes our jobs easier. Without FieldLocate, our business not be able to run as smoothly, as effectively, or as profitable as it is right now.” Ryan concluded.

Ryan Picton, Operations Manager
FieldLocate is a Valuable Tool for Davis Heating and Cooling

“The ability to accept payment on site, email invoices and access customer information through mobile…”

Tom Davis, Owner Davis Heating and Cooling

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