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Service Scheduling and Dispatch

Scheduling and Dispatch Made Easy

FieldLocate has revolutionized the way dispatch personnel can visualize the field and schedule work accordingly. Designed with the help of field service companies, the Dispatch Board provides multiple options to view where your personnel are, where your customers are, and how to best connect them. Using our dispatch board you can see how to use your techs most efficiently and schedule accordingly. Dispatch personnel can easily see the amount of work that is lined up by the day or week and assign new jobs accordingly.

Dispatch personnel can also see which jobs are still waiting for an appointment in the Unscheduled List and set those appointments with drag-and-drop functionality.

Our portal allows dispatch to see the technician’s status, such as en route or paused, and current location by using the calendar or map view. Dispatchers can update schedules directly from the map view instead of from a list or confusing spreadsheets. 

Automated Alerts

FieldLocate uses automated alerts for both dispatch and the technicians. Dispatch gets color coded alerts that inform them of the tech's location and their current status. Technicians get automated alerts when they are scheduled for a new job or have an upcoming appointment in the near future.  These automated alerts reduce the amount of calls between technicians and the office and improve overall efficiency for the business.

Locate Your Technicians

Know exactly where your technicians are in the field, without spending a minute on the phone. The ping feature is a way to check the location of another party online using location based technology that exists in almost all mobile devices. The ping feature allows dispatch to know locations while techs are driving, eliminating dangerous driving while texting or talking. Don’t waste time on the phone when you can send and receive information instantly with our ping feature, all without stopping the work flow.

Dispatch the Closest Field Worker

Our dispatch board allows you to see which techs are closest to your customers based on their locations. The map view takes the guess work out of scheduling because you can see which tech is closest to the unscheduled job (shown on the map as the clipboard icons). Reduce drive time by scheduling the closest technician to the next appointment. Real-time visibility into your tech's location and status means you spend less time trying to locate techicians and more time running your business.

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