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Use Reports to Grow Your Business

FieldLocate provides ready-to-use reports that provide real-time visibility into your business. The intuitive report builder allows you to search by customer, technician, and reporting period in addition to other fields pertinent to a specific report type.  Results are displayed in bar graphs, pie charts, and line items with drill-down capability for quick access to detailed information you need to identify inefficiencies or growth opportunities that can drive your business forward.

Revenue Reports

Take a quick and easy snapshot of your company’s revenue records. These snapshots can give you vital information to run your business including the most and least profitable jobs, seasonal profit changes, best service contract agreements and more. The accounting department can use these reports to quickly verify and process accounting tasks.

Employee Hours Reports

Keep track of the hours your employees work. With you technicians using the Time Clock feature on the mobile app, you can run reports on total time clock hours and keep track of drive time versus work time. Use the Employee Hours Report to process payroll and keep technicians accountable for hours worked.

Invoice Reports

By managing your invoices within FieldLocate, you can easily run reports to locate all paid and unpaid invoices by technician or customer within a defined reporting period. From within the results, you can drill into individual invoices to view details including parts ordered or associated job costs. Take instant action with options to add payments received or resend the invoice via email directly from the report results.

Job Reports

Review all open, closed, unscheduled, canceled, and overdue appointments by service provider, appointment type and reporting period. 

Results include specific job details, including start and finish times, customer information and appointment types.

From within the results, you can open or close the appointment and export or print results for further review.

Survey Reports

See what you customers like (or don't like) about your services using the FieldLocate survey tool. The Survey Report provides insight into customer feedback for a specific technician which is helpful during performance reviews or possible customer disputes.

Parts Inventory Reports

Take the guess work out of ordering new parts with insight into what parts are used most often and what parts are already on order. With this kind of visibility into your inventory, you can save money by preventing duplicate orders or rush orders.

Import/Export with Leading Accounting Software

FieldLocate allows the import of data from Sage Simply Accounting, Peachtree, QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online. This allows for your existing data to be accessed using your preferred accounting system. Also, customers can export their data in FieldLocate to csv files for their convenience. FieldLocate syncs with QuickBooks for estimates, invoices, receiving payment, and creating orders. Technicians in the field can create estimates for work to be performed and it is copied to QuickBooks at the office. 

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