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Access to business critical information from anywhere

With all the FieldLocate features available at your technicians' finger tips, including electronic signatures, mobile payments, estimates, price books and much more, your team is equipped to accomplish more customer service operations in the field—saving your business and customers time and money. 

Work Orders & Invoicing

Using any smart phone or tablet, field workers can create estimates in the field, convert those to invoices or unscheduled appointments, and get sign off from the customer on accepted service recommendations. They can also retain any declined recommendations for later use during down sales times. When that work is performed, technicians can open the estimate and turn it into an invoice. By controlling estimates and invoices from the field, technicians are billing for work they have actually performed and there is no double entry of data back in the office.

Mobile Payment

How quick can you get paid? With FieldLocate’s Mobile Payment, your technicians can accept credit and debit card payments directly from their mobile device. Mobile payment means you get your money faster without the hassle of sending invoices and reminder invoices to your clients.

Digital Price Book

FieldLocate’s price book feature helps you create and maintain a price book that’s available to your service team. If you change your pricing, everyone in the company has the same version of the pricing, including coupons and discounts. Field workers can provide accurate pricing for estimates, unscheduled work and recommended additional services.

Location Based Tracking

FieldLocate uses location-based services, which is already enabled in all smart mobile devices, to locate the current location of technicians. By using the Ping feature, your dispatcher can see where all techs are located and their current status. This feature reduces the amount of time between receiving a call and scheduling the appointment since you don’t have to track down your closest tech. It also reduces drive time because you can see the shortest route between your tech and customers.

Jobsite Photos

Technicians can take photos of the jobsite to identify and organize the job they are working on, show progress to customers, communicate a problem with management, or show work site conditions. FieldLocate allows for instant sharing of photos saved in the photo gallery or allows you to email photos to customers or the office.

Automated Alerts

When the dispatcher creates a new appointment, the technician receives an automated alert notifying them of the upcoming appointment. When a technician changes their status to en route using the Time Clock feature, the customer receives an alert saying the technician is on their way.  Customers love this service since they’re not locked down to their house waiting for the technician to arrive.

Time Clock

Employees can track all time including en route, working, parts run, and/or processing time and can even pause a job.  By keeping track of drive time versus work time, you can keep technicians accountable and reduce payroll conflicts.

Customer History

The FieldLocate Customer History Database helps your business provide excellent customer service every time. All of the past interactions you have had with a customer are at your fingertips instead of locked up in a cabinet or in a file box. This helps your technicians remember what work has been performed in the past, where work was done, and what specific requests the customer has about new work. This helps you anticipate what the customer needs, helping you improve customer service.

Track and Order Parts

Part ordering made easy! Our part ordering system makes it easy for a technician to order a part for a job. The technician can order parts from the field using the mobile app and track its delivery from the supply house to the customer. Customers receive clear information about part availability and technicians can schedule follow-up appointments for part installation. Part orders keep track of whether a part is in stock at the office, on a technician’s truck, or needs to be ordered from the supply house. Part Orders help you keep an inventory of parts without having to go through physical checks.

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