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Manage Customers

All customer information in one place

With FieldLocate, you keep all of your relevant customer information in a central, reliable place. Technicians, dispatch, and accounting can coordinate customer information, and have private notes to make sure all your team members are on the same page. Keep track of multiple locations for one customer, track invoices and estimates from the field to the customer, and even create custom fields in our database to personalize your customer relationships even more.

Customer History

The FieldLocate Customer History Database helps your business provide excellent customer service every time. All of the past interactions you have had with a customer are at your fingertips instead of locked up in a cabinet or in a file box. This helps your technicians remember what work has been performed in the past, where work was done, and what specific requests the customer has about new work. This helps you anticipate what the customer needs, helping you improve customer service.

Customer Inventory Management

Have all information about customer equipment right at your fingertips. A simple search shows you all the information about customer equipment including location and history. This means less time diagnosing problems and more time fixing them.

Jobsite Photos

Technicians can take photos of the jobsite to identify and organize the job they are working on, show progress to customers, communicate a problem with management, or show work site conditions. FieldLocate allows for instant sharing of photos saved in the photo gallery or allows you to email photos to customers or the office.

Customer Service Updates

FieldLocate allows you to communicate with your customers with ease. The field worker’s status updates when they are en route to a job and automatically sends an email to the customers letting them know the tech is on the way. With FieldLocate, customers don’t have to wait all day and techs provide better customer service.

Service Recommendations

Preparing a list of customer service recommendations is easy with FieldLocate. Field workers can use their tablet or smartphone to choose and suggest recommendations for repairs or maintenance tasks from a standard service list. Customers can then approve or decline each recommendation and sign for the additional work electronically. This not only improves customer satisfaction, but it helps generate additional revenue opportunities for the business.

Customer Surveys

Knowing what keeps your customers coming back is key to your success. We can integrate custom surveys into your FieldLocate account so you can find out exactly what your customer is thinking. Build stronger relationships and learn how you can better service your customers.

FieldLocate is a Valuable Tool for Davis Heating and Cooling

“The ability to accept payment on site, email invoices and access customer information through mobile…”

Tom Davis, Owner Davis Heating and Cooling

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