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Field Service Management Software

What Is It?

In the age of technology and mobility, field service management software is now an essential tool for any field service company or any business that relies on scheduling and deploying resources to residential or commercial appointments.

Designed for the entire service team, field management software allows users to automate manual processes that are associated with key parts of your business such as:

Service Work Orders and Invoicing

Scheduling and Dispatching

Job and Technician Tracking


Customer Management

Employee Time Sheets



Field service management software makes it possible for the service team to share and update all data on a real-time, 24/7 basis. The field service team can now track in real-time when a job starts, when it is paused, and when it is completed. That means the field service manager or dispatcher can see updates to the job status and notify the next customer without waiting for a status call from the field tech—improving customer service. Parts inventory can be adjusted automatically based on the number of parts on the truck and parts used during a job—taking the guess work out of ordering parts. The field tech can get the customer’s signature on an estimate, process payment immediately from his mobile device, and send the completed work order office instantly—all without any paperwork.


A good field service management solution improves efficiencies, from the first call to the final invoice, by eliminating bottlenecks and putting the entire team on the same page. There are a number of bottom-line benefits of using true mobile field service solutions for every member of the service team:


  • View customizable reports of jobs, revenue, inventory, employee hours, customer surveys, invoices and customer data
  • Review cash flow on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly basis
  • Drive higher overall revenue and increase margins
  • Real-time status updates of all jobs

Service Manager

  • At-A-Glance Dashboard with status of all jobs (scheduled, started, paused, completed) across the company
  • Assess productivity of individual staff members across jobs and tasks
  • Review profitability by customer, service or product
  • Eliminate lost or damaged paper work orders

Accounting/Payroll Manager

  • Ability to invoice immediately upon job completion reduces invoice cycle and improves cash flow
  • Electronic transfer of invoice data to preferred accounting system
  • Generates a variety of customizable financial reports including revenue reports and employee time sheets

Field Tech

  • Real-time scheduling and updating of job assignments on Apple or Android device eliminates status calls
  • Full job details, access to customer history and digital price book available on mobile device
  • Accept mobile payments and electronic signatures for work orders and invoices
  • Take job site photos and send to customer or office for troubleshooting

Dispatcher/Service Administrator

  • Easy-to-read, color-coded dispatch board with drag-and-drop scheduling functionality
  • Real-time job and location tracking make job reassignment more efficient and can increase the number of assigned jobs
  • Improved customer service due to immediate availability of accurate information
  • Distribution of electronic work orders is instantaneous and eliminates paper work


One of the key differentiators between field service solutions providers is what type of apps they provide for smart devices. Just because it’s on a smartphone doesn’t mean it’s a native app. Some browser-based apps don’t perform well because they require constant connectivity and Internet access to run their software in the smartphone browser. Browser-based solutions must transmit each entire web page to the phone, which slows the user down tremendously. And if the connection is poor or gets broken, the app won’t work. The FieldLocate Mobile App is a native app, meaning the software resides on the phone, and minimizes the amount of time it takes to retrieve information or make updates so your technicians stay productive and are not bogged down by slow internet connections.

Native apps look and feel just like other smartphone apps your technicians use on a daily basis so user adoption rates are much higher. Plus, the FieldLocate Mobile App can be downloaded from Apple and Google Play App stores free of charge.

FieldLocate was built with the help of field service companies, just like yours. The best way to understand how FieldLocate can help drive your business is by seeing it firsthand. Request a demo today!

FieldLocate is a Valuable Tool for Davis Heating and Cooling

“The ability to accept payment on site, email invoices and access customer information through mobile…”

Tom Davis, Owner Davis Heating and Cooling

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