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5 Ways to Market Your HVAC Business

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In need of some fresh marketing ideas to draw attention to your HVAC business? We’ve rounded up five ideas that are easy to implement and could provide big returns for your company.

1. Website

Your website is more than likely your biggest source of new business. When someone is searching for information, their first stop is probably the internet. Where else can you get results in less than tenths of a second?

So how do you make sure your HVAC business appears in the search results? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method for increasing organic placement on search engine pages, such as Google or Bing.  The goal is to be on the first page of results as most prospects will not click through additional pages.

SEO can be confusing and time-consuming work. If you’re not tech savvy, it’s worth the investment to pay someone to optimize your site.

Once prospects find your website, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to understand your services and contact you to set up an appointment.  Keep your layout simple but attractive and free of distracting images or loads of test.  The busier your website is, the harder it is to find the important information.

2. Daily Deal Websites

Another popular marketing source are daily deal websites, such as Groupon or Living Social where local businesses can post coupons for discounted services. Consumers can purchase these deals through the website and then redeem them during service. A local HVAC company could offer a discounted heating or cooling service, tune-up, inspection, or water-heater flush.

3. Sponsor a Local Sports Team

Sponsoring a local sports team or event not only gets your name out there, it also shows that your company gives back to the community.  Look for opportunities to improve the world around you such as starting a recycling drop-off program for special items like batteries or certain metals.

4. Social Media

If you’re not already doing some sort of marketing on social media sites, now is the time to start. With over 900 million active users on Facebook, your prospective customers are online and engaging with brands on a daily basis.

Now we know heat pumps and air conditioners are not the easiest things to get people excited about.  But think of social media as an opportunity to educate and entertain customers.

As an expert in your field, why not offer DIY tips and tricks that help customers lower their heating and cooling bills or how to keep the garbage disposal fresh.  Fans will appreciate the free knowledge and they’ll know where to turn when there’s something they can’t fix on their own.

Be Real! Post pictures of your crew, around the office, and before and after photos of projects. Give your followers a look behind-the-scenes.

Social media is also a great place to offer fan-only incentives and promote your blog. Tip: Blogging helps your website SEO (see #1).

5. Word of Mouth

By far the best source of marketing for your HVAC business, is word of mouth – which is where customers tell their friends about your business. It’s difficult to cultivate this marketing source since you can’t control the customer but you can control the experience they have with your company and employees.  Continue to communicate with technicians and office staff the importance of customer service.

You can also ask customers to review your company online after they’ve had a good experience. We also wrote a blog that offers a numbers of ways to gain customer reviews, such as including it in your invoice email.

Tracking Your Marketing Dollars

By far the most important part of your marketing strategy is having a way to track your marketing efforts. Besides what’s the point of spending energy and money on marketing efforts if it’s impossible to track your successes?

Tracking your leads can be as simple as asking new customers how they heard about your business during the first call. To help automate the process, field service management systems, like FieldLocate, can help you track and report on lead sources through the customer database.  By tracking this type of information, you’ll have better insight into what marketing channels work best for your business and where to focus your marketing spend.

Have you had success with these marketing ideas?  What other creative ideas have worked for your business? Leave a comment and let us know!

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