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Referral Tips

7 Ways to Make Your Customers Recommend You

Referrals are the best leads your business can get. A referral means your customer is not only happy with your product, but willing to put their reputation on the line to support you. Leads like this are more likely to convert to customers than any other source. So how do you get them? Here are […]

Misty Maddux

Meet Misty Maddux, FieldLocate Director of Training

My name is Misty Maddux and I’m FieldLocate’s new Director of Training. In my new role, I am responsible for developing and improving FieldLocate’s online customer training sessions.  I’m also responsible for training all new FieldLocate hires including all engineers, onboarding, support, and sales representatives. I encourage you to take advantage of our customer training sessions, as they are complimentary […]

Take mobile payments in the field

10 Reasons You Should Be Taking Mobile Payments in the Field

There are a lot of reasons to start taking payments in the field, both for the sake of your customers and your business. Why your customers will love mobile payments Cash is Dead First and foremost, credit card payments are convenient for your customers. Rarely do your customers have more than $50 cash handy. That’s […]

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Are You Ready for What Your Customers Expect?

Your customers want more. Whether you’re an HVAC contractor, a limousine service or any other business that shows up at someone’s door to do work, your customers’ expectations have never been higher. Gone are the days of providing six hour arrival windows and making return visits to finish the job. Long gone are the days […]


How Field Automation Solutions Benefit A Service Manager

The benefits of field service automation are often focused on the field technicians as it allows them to retrieve important job details and information needed to streamline service calls and better serve their customers. However, the benefits are not just limited to the technician.

A magnifying glass finds, selects or inspects a person in a line

5 Ways to Market Your HVAC Business

In need of some fresh marketing ideas to draw attention to your HVAC business? We’ve rounded up five ideas that are easy to implement and could provide big returns for your company.

google glass 200

5 Ways Google Glass Could Benefit Field Service Companies

For field service companies, the right technological advancements can drive efficiency and open doors to significant cost savings. Smart glasses, such as Google Glass, are the latest technology application to benefit the service industry. According to Gartner Research Director Angela McIntyre, Google Glass and other similar products will have the greatest impact on field of […]

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Does Your Service Business Have a Backbone?

It’s a good question. Some service businesses may say their technicians in the field are the backbone of their business. Or maybe it’s their dispatching team who assigns out jobs to those technicians. Just like your own backbone, the backbone of your service business should align, support, and enable essential functions. For your business, these […]


Key Traits of a Good Field Service Worker

Field service workers are the lifeblood of a service organization. They’re the ones on-site performing the service and interacting face-to-face with your customers. As a result, a service organization can either thrive or struggle based on the personnel they have in the field. This makes it critical that companies have the right employees with the […]

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5 Questions to Consider When Selecting Field Service Software

Searching for field service management software can be overwhelming. There are a number of vendors to choose but they are not all created equally. For example, some solutions are stronger in areas of scheduling appointments but have no location tracking system to track technicians in the field. Some solutions include all features in one set […]

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